Stay ahead of what's happening with residents

Resident360 is a software suite for senior living communities that creates a complete digital record for every resident. It's simple-to-use, saves time, and helps you find what you need, before you need it.

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What can you do with Resident360?

One place for all your data

No matter where you are on the path to being fully digital there's a way to use Resident360.

Resident360 integrates with leading electronic systems in senior living and also includes digital versions of common forms like incident reports, face sheets, and more, so you can consolidate data from electronic systems and paper records.

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We were always looking for the latest and greatest when it came to technology... It's been a total game changer for us

Dale Zulauf, Co-Founder and Principal, Cascade Living Group

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Life saver for charting and monitoring... it is amazing and makes a huge difference

Carrie S., Resident Care Coordinator, Countryside Living

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Resident360 work?

Resident360 is a data platform for senior living. We connect to the systems you're already using via API to pull data securely into our Resident360 platform. We then use this data to create dashboards, alerts, and workflows for common senior living data questions.

An API is an "application programming interface". APIs are how systems talk to each other to exchange data and information.


How is Resident360 different from other Business Intelligence tools?

Resident360 is built specifically for the senior living industry and includes integrations, dashboards, and workflows for key senior living workflows. This saves significant time and cost vs. other business intelligence tools (such as Tableau or PowerBI) by allowing customers to use Resident360 "out of the box" and avoid expensive customization and set-up.

We designed Resident360 to work for different types of users: caregivers, community leaders, home office staff, and executives. Resident360 is very simple and easy-to-learn and puts the power of data in the hands of every user, not just power-users.


Is Resident360 HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. We are HIPAA-compliant and use industry-standard best practices to ensure your data is safe and secure.


How long does set-up and implementation take?

We start by asking every new client what systems they're currently using and what questions they would like to be able to answer with their data. If we've already integrated with their systems then implementation is very fast (weeks not months) as we just need to turn on the integrations. If not, we work together to build the required integrations (and we may do this as part of a no-cost pilot: see next section for more details on pricing).


How much does Resident360 cost?

Our pricing is unique to each customer and depends on what data they would like to integrate. We are able to re-use integrations across customers who use the same systems, which allows us to offer Resident360 for significantly below the cost of building an in-house data platform.

If a customer requests an integration that we do not currently offer we typically get started with a no-cost pilot where we work to complete that integration and do not charge until the integration has been completed and the customer's data is flowing into Resident360.


Does Resident360 include policy management?

Our policy management module is available as an add-on to Resident360. The policy management module creates an online repository of policies, procedures, and expectations and includes full-text search, custom checklists & assignments, and 6 years of version history for all your policies (and staff sign-off on those policies).