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Bateau connects data from different systems to answer the most important questions in senior living

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Experience a data-driven approach to senior living

Senior living is complicated. We take messy data from different systems and create a single source of truth to inform business decisions across every community and department.

Our team combines technology skills with industry experience. We like to say that we "speak senior" and we can translate raw data into industry-specific insights.

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Connect your systems without changing your  processes

We have prebuilt integrations with many of the most common systems in senior living (with a focus on CRM, payroll, financials, and rent / occupancy data). We can connect the systems you're using today: no need to change!

We integrate with over 100 systems. Please contact us to discuss integrating with your systems.

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“The Bateau team understands how senior living works and they have the technical skill to pull the data together. It’s a winning combination and we are replacing messy spreadsheets with Bateau.”
Bill Shorten, Co-CEO of Cascade Living Group

Frequently asked questions

Is Bateau HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. We are HIPAA-compliant and implement rigorous data security to protect customer information.


What KPIs are in your reports?

We have a library of "off the shelf" reports that we have developed specifically for the senior living industry. These reports cover HR, Sales & Marketing, Labor, Operations, and more, and include KPIs and insights like Stank Ranks, PRDs, and trends. We can adapt these reports to match your organization's needs.