Cascade Living Group

Cascade Living Group relies on Bateau for policy communication and compliance


Confirm that staff are aware of policies and following all requirements.
In April 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, CLG’s top priority was protecting residents and staff.
To accomplish that, CLG implemented Bateau as a tool to share policy updates, verify compliance, and preserve a digital record.


Up and running in 2 weeks
The Bateau team completed set-up in under 2 weeks and trained all CLG personnel in 20 minutes.
CLG initially opted to pilot Bateau at 3 communities, but after 3 days decided to roll-out Bateau across all 32 communities.


Faster policy roll-outs and time savings.
Bateau was immediately embraced by the staff who declared it a "HUGE improvement" over email, Sharepoint, and binders.
Bateau is now an essential part of daily operations at CLG and ensures that staff are quickly informed of any changes to policies or protocols.
"Through partnerships with companies like Bateau a state-of-the-art Policy & Procedure Management Platform, we ensure compliance with all policies and protocols and consistent high standards across all departments in each of our Cascade Living Group communities"
- Cascade Living Group
Protecting Our Residents
Staff collectively save over 25 hours per week versus using email, SharePoint, and binders
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